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What Are the Three Types of Distractions That Can Lead to a Car Accident?

Distracted driving has become one of the top causes of car accidents in our country. Distracted driving is any kind of activity that diverts attention away from the task of driving and keeping control of your vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10 percent of fatal crashes and 15 percent of injury crashes in 2015 were caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving accidents are severely underreported, so it’s vital that car drivers know the dangers and risks of this type of careless driving. What Are the Types of Distractions That Could Occur During Driving? Generally, there are three types of distractions that traffic safety experts use to classify a distracting activity that takes place in a vehicle. These three main types are manual, visual and cognitive. Manual: Manual distractions occur when a distraction causes you to take your hands off of the wheel, or they cause you…
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Is It Against the Law to Use Headphones While Driving in New Jersey?

Some states, such as Massachusetts and California, passed laws that forbid drivers to use headphones while driving. Other states, such as Colorado and New York, require drivers to keep one earbud out while they drive. However, New Jersey is one of the states that does not prohibit headphone use while driving and even categorizes them as hands-free devices, given most are now equipped with microphones. While it is legal, wearing a headset while driving is not necessarily the safest option. Is Wearing Headphones While Driving Dangerous? The answer is definitely “yes.” Whether the car’s radio is broken, you’d prefer different music from other passengers, you’re tuning into a podcast or you’re talking on the phone, you are ultimately decreasing your sensory input and endangering others on the road. Drivers with headphones in are unable to hear the following as well as they should: Horns from other drivers Sirens from emergency…
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