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What Do You Do After Being Attacked by a Dog?

Dog bites can leave victims with lifelong scarring and painful injuries. In some cases, dog attacks can be fatal. Last month, a man’s pit bull attacked his wife, prompting the man to seek a friend’s assistance in handling the dog. The friend took the pit bull to his home, where his 10-year-old son asked to see it. But the dog was not in a friendly mood, and attacked the young boy. The boy suffered bite wounds on his arm and had to be hospitalized. That wasn’t the end of the dog’s bloody rampage. When the 10-year-old’s father and aunt tried to pry the dog’s jaws from the boy, the dog turned on them, too. The dog then left the three wounded and fled the apartment, spotting an unwitting woman nearby. The woman had just arrived to drop her infant off at her nephew’s apartment. She became the dog’s final victim….
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