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Car Accidents Plague New Jersey Roads during Holidays

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents on New Jersey roads, this holiday season has already proven deadly. The weekend before Thanksgiving saw four people killed and another critically injured in a series of accidents taking place within 24 hours of one another. One woman, a 69-year-old living in Brooklyn, died crossing a road when she was hit by a 2008 Ford Explorer. Another woman, 80-years-old, was hit while walking across New Hampshire Avenue in Toms River. A 46-year-old East Brunswick man died after the vehicle he was riding in as a passenger left Route 18 in Colts Neck and struck a tree by the Normandy Road Bridge. The driver of the vehicle survived with only minor injuries. In another wreck in Middlesex County township, a person died in a car accident near James Avenue. That investigation is still ongoing. In Paterson, another driver was ejected from a vehicle and…
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Driver Faces Charges in Reckless Driving Accident That Killed 2, Injured 7

A New Jersey man is facing charges of manslaughter, assault and reckless driving after a car crash in Queens. Pending the results of blood work, he may also be charged with driving under the influence. The devastating car accident led to two deaths and injuries to seven people. According to reports, the 33-year-old driver was driving with five passengers in his BMW to Brooklyn from a wedding. Sometime after 6 a.m., he tried to pass a white Nissan in the right lane of the highway. He then allegedly sideswiped the Nissan and lost control of his BMW. As he sped out of control, he slammed into a Nissan Rogue, pushing it through a guardrail and into the eastbound lanes. Both vehicles rolled over into oncoming traffic. A Mercedes Benz SUV traveling eastbound attempted to dodge the two rolling vehicles, but ended up rolling over as well. The driver that caused…
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Prom Season Is Coming. Warning About DWI Checkpoints

Ah, the senior prom – for many, the peak of the high school experience and one of the most memorable nights. Prom season is coming soon, and New Jersey police are preparing. One way they’re doing that is through DWI checkpoints. The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Crash Investigations Unit is setting up the checkpoints as part of a program to ensure the safety of high school students during prom and graduation ceremonies. The checkpoints are random and will pop up from now through the end of June. A word of warning to teens: even if it’s your first offense, a DWI means you could lose your driving privileges for a year or more. Your car could be impounded, making it difficult to get to school or work. You may also face fines, insurance rate increases and legal fees that cost thousands of dollars to resolve. Lastly, you could end up in jail…
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