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What Are the Deadliest Train Accidents in NJ History?

Riding on a train is, statistically, much safer than driving a car. But that does not mean that nothing ever goes wrong on New Jersey rail lines. Here are some of the deadliest train accidents in New Jersey across the last century. 1904 – A chartered Erie Railroad train from Hoboken to Greenwood Lake stopped

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Car Accidents Plague New Jersey Roads during Holidays

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents on New Jersey roads, this holiday season has already proven deadly. The weekend before Thanksgiving saw four people killed and another critically injured in a series of accidents taking place within 24 hours of one another. One woman, a 69-year-old living in Brooklyn, died crossing a road when

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Sleep Apnea May Be Making Your Commute Unsafe

Is sleep apnea making your commute unsafe? Taking the train is a fact of life in New England. But did you know that by getting on the train, you may be exposing yourself to danger caused by undiagnosed sleep apnea? According to New Jersey Transit, more than 40 train engineers have been sidelined after being

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NJ Transit to Test Positive Train Control (PTC) Safety Device

New Jersey Transit recently received approval to begin testing positive train control (PTC) on one of its train lines. PTC is a system that automatically slows or stops trains to prevent them from speeding or running past stop signals. It is designed to stop train-to-train collisions, derailments, train movements through misaligned switches and unauthorized train

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How Often Do NJ Transit Trains Crash?

In early July, a New Jersey Transit train derailed on its way into Pennsylvania Station in New York. The derailment led to more delays on NJ Transit and Amtrak tracks in a time where delays are already causing headaches for thousands of commuters daily. New Jersey Transit officials described the incident as a “slow speed

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Can NJ Transit Be Liable if Someone Injures Me on a Bus?

In 2013, a New York woman aboard a New Jersey Transit bus was accosted by four other passengers. The altercation ended when one of the passengers threw a bottle at the woman. They then got off the bus. The thrown bottle permanently scarred the woman and required her to get 22 stitches. The woman sued

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Who Do I Call to Report Injuries from a Car Crashing into My Train?

Trains and subways provide a valuable service to millions of people every year. New Jersey Transit is the largest public transit system in the country, carrying thousands daily to various locations in New Jersey and New York. And tragically, many passengers and bystanders die in train-related accidents every year. New Jersey has a history of

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Chemical Leak at New Jersey Industrial Park Hurts One

In late May, a tanker car at Pureland Industrial Park in Logan Township began leaking due to a malfunctioning valve stem. The tanker was filled with propylene, a colorless fuel gas with a naturally pungent smell. Propylene is flammable and considered volatile. The tanker can hold up to 30,000 gallons of this dangerous gas, but

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HOS Violations Abound in New Jersey

New Jersey Transit has come under fire – again – for hours-of-service violations that could be making public transportation avenues less safe. An inspection by federal regulators has discovered hundreds of potential hours-of-service violations within New Jersey Transit. These include falsified data logs and long shifts in violation of federal rules. Inspectors discovered 246 alleged

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Sleep Apnea? Defective Brakes? What Really Caused the Hoboken Train Crash?

In the wake of the devastating September 29 Hoboken train crash that killed one and injured 114, families are still wondering what exactly went wrong. In recent days, investigators and attorneys have pointed to two possible factors that may have led to the crash. These are the train operator’s undiagnosed sleep apnea and defects in

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