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Who Do I Call to Report Injuries from a Car Crashing into My Train?

Trains and subways provide a valuable service to millions of people every year. New Jersey Transit is the largest public transit system in the country, carrying thousands daily to various locations in New Jersey and New York. And tragically, many passengers and bystanders die in train-related accidents every year. New Jersey has a history of train accidents going all the way back to 1833, when the first train accident with fatalities occurred here. There are roughly a dozen train accidents that happen in the state every year, including collisions and derailments. And according to the Federal Railroad Administration, these numbers are on the rise. In June, 14 people suffered injuries after a car crashed into the light rail in Jersey City. The driver was cited for failure to observe signs and for reckless driving. The incident comes a month and a half after four Jersey City firefighters were injured in…
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Chemical Leak at New Jersey Industrial Park Hurts One

In late May, a tanker car at Pureland Industrial Park in Logan Township began leaking due to a malfunctioning valve stem. The tanker was filled with propylene, a colorless fuel gas with a naturally pungent smell. Propylene is flammable and considered volatile. The tanker can hold up to 30,000 gallons of this dangerous gas, but it is not known how much leaked out before the leak was found and stopped. One person who was present at the industrial park suffered non-life threatening personal injuries. Injured by Hazardous Material Leaks The spill or leakage of hazardous materials can be devastating to a community’s environment, and poses a serious danger to anyone who is exposed. The unpredictable nature of these leaks means that people can suffer injury before they are alerted to the incident or evacuated. Depending on what the hazardous material is, the results of exposure could be fatal. The damages…
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HOS Violations Abound in New Jersey

New Jersey Transit has come under fire – again – for hours-of-service violations that could be making public transportation avenues less safe. An inspection by federal regulators has discovered hundreds of potential hours-of-service violations within New Jersey Transit. These include falsified data logs and long shifts in violation of federal rules. Inspectors discovered 246 alleged instances of improper documentation. These included alterations of 42 signed records and 34 instances of insufficient rest times. A spokesperson for the agency claimed that most of these errors were clerical. The spokesperson mentioned that the agency is considering moving to an electronic data logging system to keep the logs accurate. Disciplinary action has been taken against at least one employee and proceedings have begun against 35 others. Federal investigators have requested two years of conductors’ and engineers’ work schedules to look for any widespread signs of violations. Hours-of-Service Violations Outside of Public Transportation Hours-of-service…
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