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What Are the Deadliest Train Accidents in NJ History?

Riding on a train is, statistically, much safer than driving a car. But that does not mean that nothing ever goes wrong on New Jersey rail lines. Here are some of the deadliest train accidents in New Jersey across the last century. 1904 – A chartered Erie Railroad train from Hoboken to Greenwood Lake stopped near a water tower in Midvale (now Wanaque). No signal was sent to warn other trains that the Erie Railroad train was stopped. Another train smashed into the rear of the special, killing 17 people and injuring 40. 1906 – Due to an error in the operation of a drawbridge, three train cars derailed near Atlantic City and tumbled into a creek. Fifty-three people died. 1911 – In Martin’s Creek near the Delaware River, an excursion train headed to Washington, D.C. hit an oil tank on the Pennsylvania Railroad, which coated the cars in oil….
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