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How to Keep Your Teen Safe on Prom Night

Last week, two teenage girls lost their lives in a car accident just hours after their high school prom. According to the police report, the car veered off Route 49 and slammed into a tree. The 17-year-old driver lost her life on impact, while the other died in a hospital. Two other girls were injured, but were in stable condition. Police do not know the exact reason the car veered off the road. However, the cause of accidents on prom night typically are due to drunk teenage driving. What Can Parents Do to Keep Their Teens Safe on Prom Night? Each year, high school students lay out detailed plans for their upcoming prom. From the perfect dress, to the matching suit and from their dates to the right flowers, prom is supposed to be just right. What they don’t plan on is their perfect night ending in tragedy. A study…
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