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Has The Amount of Wrongful Death Lawsuits Increased In New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey has its own laws concerning wrongful death lawsuits. New Jersey defines a “wrongful death” as a death caused by wrongful action, negligence, or disregard of another party. In other words, a wrongful death claim is equal to a personal injury claim, but the injured person is no longer able to bring his or herself to court. Instead, someone else must bring the claim to court on behalf of the deceased; usually this person is a family member. There have been a few notable wrongful death lawsuits in New Jersey and its surrounding states recently, and news of these lawsuits might inform you of how the state handles these cases. What’s Been in the News? In December, the sister of a fatally shot woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the victim’s husband. The incident occurred in the couple’s home in Connecticut in 2015, but the…
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Could This New Jersey Doctor Be Sued for Prescribing Pain Medication?

New Jersey’s attorney general is working to suspend the license of a doctor who prescribed a lethal dose of fentanyl “off-label” to a patient. Fentanyl is actually meant to be prescribed to cancer patients who are suffering from bouts of pain despite the use of other opioids. While the patient did suffer from neck and back pain, she did not have cancer and ultimately overdosed on the powerful drug. It was later discovered the doctor did not explain to the patient that fentanyl is an opioid, nor did the doctor explain the risks and hazards associated with the drug’s use. Additionally, the patient was prescribed twice the recommended starting dose. Unfortunately, it seems many practitioners are ignoring federal restrictions and are improperly prescribing fentanyl to patients who do not have cancer. Are Drug Companies Encouraging Doctors to Give Off-Label Prescriptions? Technically, doctors are allowed to prescribe drugs for purposes outside…
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How Did This College Student Die On Her Way to New Jersey?

An 18-year-old graduated in the class of 2015 from Moorestown, New Jersey and began attending Arcadia University in Pennsylvania as a communications major. Her friends describe her as a friendly, outgoing person and she had her whole life ahead of her. That is, until a tragic truck accident took her life. Last month, the student was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to make her way back to New Jersey. According to reports, her vehicle made contact with a semi-truck carrying 20,000 pounds of soap and they both swerved onto an embankment. The truck driver unfortunately lost control during the collision and the truck rolled over onto the student’s car. The turnpike was completely shut down after the accident. Emergency response teams were able to pull the truck driver from the wreckage and move him to a local hospital. However, the student was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of…
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