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Driver Fatigue May Have Caused Fatal Crash

According to SunLive.com News in New Jersey, police are still investigating the cause of a fatal car accident that occurred on June 7. The car accident occurred at approximately 11 p.m. near the intersection of State Highway 1 and Racecourse Road in Cambridge.  The car accident resulted in a single fatality, possibly a wrongful death. Leo Tooman, an investigator with the Waikato Police Department, said they are still investigating the cause of the car accident. Tooman believes driver fatigue may have been a factor. “At this stage, initial indications are a northbound Mitsubishi Triton utility has crossed the centerline into the path of a southbound truck and trailer unit,” Tooman initially told reporters. Investigators are still looking into the fatal car accident, but have found some evidence to support the theory that driver fatigue may have been a factor in what resulted in a possible wrongful death. “If that proves to…
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Widow, At Last, Receives Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

According to NJ.com, Marcia Austin, widow of Wayne Austin, is set to receive her $2.85 million settlement from wrongful death lawsuit she filed against Certified Steel. Wayne Austin was killed on the job in 2004 when a load of beams fell onto him. According to documents obtained by the New York Times, Marcia Austin will receive $1.8 million of the settlement from Certified Steel. Another $1.05 million will be paid out by Morris Material Handling, a Wisconsin crane supplier. Marcia Austin declined comment to reporters, but has been on record in the past accusing Sydney Sussman—Certified Steel’s owner—of “playing Russian Roulette with workers’ lives” and failing to provide a safe workplace for employees. Marcia is represented by attorney Robin Lord. “Hopefully this settlement will send a message to Mr. Sussman that he can no longer operate his business in a hazardous manner that completely disregards the safety of his employees—the very people who…
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