After a Traumatic Brain Injury, There Is Hope: NJ Athlete’s Recovery Story

Photo of truck accidentThe road to recovery for victims of traumatic brain injury can be long and arduous, rife with obstacles and uncertainty. The need for treatment and rehabilitation can create difficulties at home and in the workplace. But despite the long process of bouncing back from a traumatic brain injury, those with TBI should not lose hope. Here is the story of a New Jersey man who was struck by a truck and suffered serious injuries, but was able to come back a year later to pursue his passions as an athlete.

The Story of David Musicant

David Musicant is a New Jersey man with a serious love of sports. He has completed several marathons and Ironman competitions all over the world. Have you ever woken up at 3:30am to bike 80 miles and then spent a full day at work? David has, many times – it’s one of his training regimens.

On June 25, 2015, Musicant was riding his bike in New Jersey when he was struck by a truck. He was flung 40 feet into a guardrail. His injuries were severe – eight broken ribs, a punctured lung, an exposed hipbone, his shoulder broken in three places and a traumatic brain injury. Were it not for his physical fitness, the doctors said, he would not have survived.

His physical healing progressed quickly, but the traumatic brain injury lingered. He suffered from fear, confusion, post-traumatic stress, lack of confidence and decreased cognitive abilities as he spent months upon months in rigorous therapy to regain the ability to walk. His family suffered, having to manage his extended care. But it would all be worth it in the end, according to Musicant.

The Ironman World Championship

In October 2016, Musicant faced his greatest challenge since the accident – the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, the moment he had been training for when he was hit by the truck the year before. The competition was a true test of physical prowess – a 2.4 mile open water swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride and a 26.2 mile run.

It took 13 hours, but Magicant crossed that finish line.

Musicant now has a different view on the accident. “I’ve never felt so much peace in my life as now. I actually do think the accident is a blessing. I don’t wish it on anyone, but I don’t think I would ever have the appreciation of what a life we lead, what great kids we have, what a great marriage we have.

“It just made me appreciate everything a lot more.”

Since the accident, the Musicant family has set up a trust to aid research and extend help to victims of traumatic brain injuries, especially those who have no other way to get help. Thanks to a successful lawsuit against the trucking company that owned the truck that hit Musicant, he was able to cover the costs of his injury as well as help others in his position.

It just goes to show – even after a bad truck accident, there is always hope for recovery.

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