Truck Driver Impaired by Drugs at Time of Accident

A city truck driver who crashed his vehicle into a private residence in Fredericksburg, Virginia last year had drugs in his system at the time of the accident, according to police reports. Police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe told that the city dump-truck driver, 32-year-old Ricardo Edwards, was under the influence of PCP and marijuana when he sideswiped a pickup truck on a residential street before crashing through a home on Maury Street.

Only Timothy Hall, the homeowner, and his dog were in the home at the time. Neither was injured. The dump truck, the pickup truck and a Subaru were all damaged and had to be towed away. Hall will not be able to return to his home until significant repairs are completed.

Fortunately no one was injured or killed in this truck accident. Truck drivers have a responsibility to keep the public safe. There is no excuse for a professional truck driver to be driving under the influence. Edwards was charged with driving under the influence and arrested, according to Bledsoe.

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  1. We do not tolerate any motorist to operate a vehicle while intoxicated and the penalties should be severe for any truck driver who is convicted of putting the public at risk in that way. Mr. Edwards should feel fortunate that his actions did not result in any injuries or death, and hopefully there are necessary safeguards in place in your state to deny the driving privileges of such drivers who abused those privileges by abusing drugs.

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