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Verdicts and Settlements Obtained by Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Information on Case Results Gained by Our New Jersey Trial Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers in New Jersey are passionate in their pursuit of our clients’ rights. We are proud of our efforts on behalf of each client, because we know that we never give up the pursuit of justice.

New Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyers Work Hard to Gain the Recoveries Clients Deserve

Our personal injury aw firm has an impressive history of success over the years serving across Middlesex County. We have obtained the following settlements and verdicts for our clients:

$4,100,000.00 Settlement
The plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer. The truck driver lost control of his vehicle and struck the plaintiff leaving him severely injured. The plaintiff underwent multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. Evidence established during discovery revealed that the driver had several drugs in his system. This matter settled prior to trial.

$2,735,000.00 Jury Verdict
An Essex County Superior Court jury after over two weeks of trial rendered a verdict for plaintiff in the gross amount of 4.5 million net amount $2,735,455.08. Plaintiff was represented by Ronald W. Spevack, Esq. of Spevack Law Offices. The motor vehicle accident, which was the basis for this suit, happened on August 30, 2007. Plaintiff was operating a vehicle in Fairfield, New Jersey, on Route 46 East at 4:40 a.m. when the front left of her vehicle struck the right rear corner of a garbage truck operated by defendant.

The jury found defendant 55 percent negligent and Plaintiff 45 percent negligent. The jury found a gross damage award of $4.5 million which was reduced by the court by 45 percent. Proof showed that the garbage truck’s lower rear lights were covered with crud, which greatly limited their illumination. The defendant alleges that the upper lights of the garbage truck functioned normally and should have alerted plaintiff.

Plaintiff, age 21, suffered grave injuries, including six days in a coma, two internal surgeries, multiple fractures including non-union fractures of the left femur and nerve damage of the right hand. Plaintiff was a college student, has attempted to return to college but needs accommodations and has not returned to work.

$2,600,000.00 Recovery
Medical malpractice case involving failure to detect cancerous tumor in chest of victim. Victims condition went undiagnosed for an additional 15 months. Settlement guaranteed a total payment of $2.6 million and could reach as much as $3.3 million. Lump sum was paid to victim, victim’s three children received a lump sum on their 18th birthdays and additional payments will be made to victim’s wife for the rest of her life.

$1,100,000.00 Recovery
Failure to remove grease from dumpster area at mall. Grease hardened overnight, plaintiff employee of security contractor falls as he is directing a delivery truck to proper parking area. Plaintiff’s initial fusion is inadequate, subsequent fusion is done with insertion of five level titanium plates.

$500,000.00 Recovery
Head-on collision, inability of multiple sclerosis patient to properly manage disease because of concussion and post-concussion syndrome precipitates downward spiral of multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Freedoms Protected in Religious Discrimination Lawsuit
The United States Supreme Court sided with two Newark Police officers who refused to shave their beards because of their Sunni Muslim faith. The Supreme Court found that the Newark Police Department violated the police officers constitutional rights to freedom of religion by demanding that they conform to a policy that prohibited beards and goatees.

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Our personal injury lawyers work to provide competent, personalized legal representation you need to gain the justice you deserve after a car accident, medical malpractice injury, workers’ comp cases or in any situation where the law may provide you with damages to recover. Let our NJ trial lawyers use their experience for your benefit.

The above is a sample of a few verdicts and settlements obtained on behalf of our clients and the information here involves specific factual cases. The facts in your case may be different and these past results do not guarantee the same results in your case.

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