Video Sparks NJ School Abuse Lawsuit

According to, a lawsuit has been filed after a video emerged this summer of preschool instructors at a Montessori school in Hoboken handling students roughly. Photo of gavel

The news outlet reported that the incident involved instructors at the Apple Montessori School. The video, which was leaked on Facebook, showed incidents from May involving instructors forcing children to the ground, including a 23-month-old child.

Additionally, the video showed an employee holding a child in place by “grabbing her legs and later lifting her up and over a fence.” Several employees were fired after the video was made public including a teacher, an aide and the school’s director and assistant director. A person who witnessed the alleged abuse in a high-rise near the school shot the video.

The lawsuit was filed in the Hudson County Superior Court in August by the parents of two students. It contains allegations of negligence, assault, emotional damage and other charges. To view the video, you can click on the source link below.

You Can Hold a School Liable for Your Son or Daughter’s Injuries

If your son or daughter has been assaulted by a school employee, suffered emotional abuse or sustained a serious injury at school, you should know that you can hold the school and/or district liable.

In many school incidents, children are hurt or killed when adequate supervision is absent. Some of the most common reasons why schools are sued include assaults, slip-and-falls and injuries associated with vehicle accidents including bus crashes.

If your child has been hurt or killed in an accident at school, our Middlesex injury lawyers can review your case and determine your legal rights. When you send your son or daughter to school, he or she has a reasonable expectation to safety. Injuries to children are unacceptable and can often have long-term consequences. Make sure whoever is responsible for your child’s injuries is held responsible.

Unfortunately, injury claims involving “political subdivisions” or government agencies and schools can be incredibly complex. Make sure that you receive expert legal advice, as the failure to do so may result in your case being thrown out of court. In many situations involving government agencies and schools, you must file a claim with the entity within a set time, prior to filing a lawsuit.

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