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Iselin is a city located in Central New Jersey, previously known as Perrytown and Unionville. As of the 2010 Census, Iselin had 18,695 residents living in 6,445 households. The city is named after Adrian George Iselin, who established a school for girls in New York in the 1870s and paid for a train station in what is now Metropark—a section in southwest Iselin consisting of office buildings.

Many commuters take the train from Metropark into New York City for work or pleasure every day. Iselin provides access to many of the biggest cities in the northeast, with commuters traveling to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Education & Downtown

Iselin is a part of the Woodbridge Township School District and is the home of the Roman Catholic St. Cecelia’s School. Downtown Iselin hosts a wide array of shops, dining and service as well as a movie palace with a single screen from the 1920s.

Iselin Truck Accident Attorneys

New Jersey’s highways are full of commercial trucks, some of them shipping hazardous materials. The late New Jersey Senator, Frank Lautenberg (D), was pressuring Congress to pass a bill that would set a weight limit for commercial trucks on state highways. The proposed limit was 80,000, which is the current limit set for U.S. Interstates. The weight limit would keep other motorists, pedestrians and passengers safe, as well as help to preserve some of the crumbling infrastructure seen across the nation.

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Tip of the week: Never drive in the blind spot of a tractor-trailer for an extended period.

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