Worker Killed On-Site in Tragic Truck Accident

Investigators are piecing together evidence to determine exactly what caused a fatal truck accident in Avon, Massachusetts on March 13. A man working at a construction site died after a truck driven by an employee ran him over. The two men were working for Glancy Crane Service & Rigging.

“It’s just a horrible, horrible thing,” said Avon Police Department Sergeant George Houhoulis. The names of the driver and the victim have not been released, but Sergeant Houhoulis said the men “knew each other well and were friends.”

Houhoulis does not expect charges to be filed against the driver, but the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sent officials to the site later that same day to probe the accident.

“The mechanic didn’t tell the driver that he was getting under the truck and the driver didn’t see him and moved the truck,” said Houhoulis. “They were beyond crying. They all knew each other well. The driver was in tears.”

Just because the driver was at fault here does not mean that no party was negligent or may be held liable here. OSHA will determine if all protocols and regulations were followed here.

Tip of the week: Just because a driver is not cited by the police in the accident does not mean that the driver or trucking company were not at fault. Contact an experienced attorney immediately if you or a loved one is injured in an accident.

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