Are NJ Transit Trains Safe or Not?

Photo of a personal injury claim formIn our last blog post, we talked about the train that smashed into the Hoboken train terminal. The train crash killed one woman and injured at least 100 other people. While the cause of the train crash is still under investigation, experts believe operator error was the cause.

This crash has drawn attention to the fact that NJ Transit trains have been involved in at least 150 other accidents, which have caused more than $4.8 million in track or equipment damage in the last five years alone. Moreover, the transit system has paid more than $500,000 to settle 183 additional safety violations that (horrifyingly) include everything from employee drug or alcohol use to violation of railroad operating rules.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there were 25 reported train accidents in 2015 and at least 10 in the first seven months of 2016.

Types of Common NJ Train Accidents

There are approximately 3,000 train accidents and 1,000 resulting deaths that occur each year. Due to the speed, size and weight of the trains, even a minor accident can have catastrophic consequences for those involved. The most common types of train accidents include:

  • Train derailments
  • Collisions with other trains
  • Collisions involving cars
  • Railroad crossing accidents

Typically, these types of train accidents are caused by the following:

  • Faulty railroad tracks
  • Obstacles on the tracks
  • Overloading cargo onto trains
  • Defective train signals
  • Trains that fail to use their lights or horns when approaching crossings
  • Crossing obstructed by cars

Hopefully, the investigation following the Hoboken train crash has helped NJ Transit closely inspects the train system to ensure these types of train accident do not occur in the future. If you have been injured in an accident involving a train, contact an attorney immediately to explain what your rights might be moving forward.

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