Are You Filing a Workers Comp Claim? Think Twice Before Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney

Have you been injured on the job? Are you looking to file a workers comp claim? If so, you may need more than just a workers comp attorney. You could be eligible for a third-party liability claim, and that means you need a lawyer who knows personal injury too.

Personal injury claim form

Personal injury claim form

In the state of New Jersey, a worker who is injured on the job does not have to prove negligence to recover medical or disability benefits, but he forfeits the right to sue his or her employer.

Even if you receive workers comp, you can still bring a personal injury lawsuit against a third party if you can prove they are at fault. By working with an attorney who knows personal injury and workers comp law, you could learn more about all the legal options available to you.

I Have Already Filed a Workers Comp Claim. Do I Have Any More Legal Options?

For instance, if you are a construction worker who was injured falling off a ladder, you would qualify for a workers comp claim. If the ladder was damaged or failed to hold the load it promised, you could file an additional negligence suit against the roofing supply company for providing defective materials or failing to maintain them correctly.

Common third party defendants include:

  • Manufacturers of workplace equipment whose products may have a manufacturing or design defect, or a breach of warranty
  • Drivers who cause a car accident that injures a worker who is on the road as part of his job
  • Owners of businesses the worker visits as part of his job who fail to keep their workplace hazard-free

Without a qualified attorney, you could be forfeiting additional benefits that could help you with hospital expenses, physical therapy and time missed from work.

If you want to know if your case is eligible for a third-party liability claim, call us to speak with an attorney who knows both sides of the law. Our attorneys can lay out your full range of legal options, and help you make a choice that works for you.

[Did You Know: New Jersey is one of 12 states where the employer chooses the injured worker’s physician.]

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  1. My brother was recently injured near a work cite. He currently has an insurance claim in, and he’s wondering if there are things he can still do to enhance his chances. I didn’t realize a workers compensation lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible for a third-party liability claim that can help pay for medical expenses. I’ll be sure my brother is aware of this option.

  2. Marcus Marcus says:

    It really helped when you mentioned how you should take the time to find a workers comp attorney in order to learn more about the process. I can understand that taking the time to do some research and read online reviews and ratings can help you find the best help for your compensation claim. My dad was talking about how he needs to find a good attorney that can help him get the compensation he needs after being injured at work, so I’ll share your page with him for tips.

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