Middlesex County Begins Campaign against Distracted Driving

Photo of scalesNew Jersey officials from the county, state, and local level met in Edison on June 30 to start 2015’s Distracted Driving campaign.

According to a post about the event on the county’s website, Freeholder H. James Polos, Chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee in Middlesex County, said, “If we are going to effectively combat distracted driving and driving while impaired, we need to proactively educate drivers. This program puts the education right in the hands of the driver at a time when they are stopped and have a moment to read it.”

“Hand-to-Hand” Driving Safety Education in Middlesex County

As part of the new driving safety campaign that began on June 30, Raceway gas stations in Middlesex County were set to hand out around 80,000 “No Distractions” cards to motorists during the four days following the event, according to a mycentraljersey.com report.

As written in the news article, Freeholder Polos went on to say that driving safely “still comes down to making sure that you have your hands on the wheel and you have your eyes on the road. We think that getting that information into drivers’ hands will be an effective way of getting the message out to drivers. We’re hoping this hand-to-hand education is going to have an impact on drivers.”

Distracted driving accidents can be very dangerous and possibly fatal for those involved. As we discussed in a previous post to the blog, New Jersey officials pointed to distracting driving as the most prominent cause of the state’s 542 recorded car accident-related deaths in 2014.

The Simplest Distractions Can Still be Dangerous

Something that may be scary to consider is that some of the things many drivers do on a usual basis are actually taking a lot of our attention off of the road. A study titled “A Decrease in Brain Activation Associated with Driving When Listening to Someone Speak” that was published online in 2009 by the US National Library of Medicine shows that by simply listening to someone talk—like listening to talk radio, talking on the phone, or chatting with a passenger riding along in the vehicle— we decrease our concentration on driving significantly.

According to the study, the activity in the frontal parietal lobe of the brain that’s associated with processing spatial information, something that’s obviously very important for driving, was decreased by 37 percent.

Be safe and don’t let distracted driving cause you to make a mistake you could regret for the rest of your life. And if you are ever injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver, make sure to seek the help of a personal injury attorney who can explain your options for recovery.

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