Middlesex County Truck Accident Attorneys Reflect on Fatal New York Accident

One person died and 33 others were injured in a truck accident on December 19 in Shirley, New York. According to police reports, the commercial truck collided with at least 6 other vehicles and then caught fire. The deceased was identified by police as a 68-year-old woman who driving a Toyota Camry which was struck by the truck.

The truck was traveling eastbound at the times of the collision, which involved 35 vehicles. The accident remains under investigation.

“Anybody rolling up on the scene…would think there would be definitely more than just one fatality,” says Chief John Mirando of the Ridge Fire Department. “It’s just lucky that it’s only one, but it could have been a lot worse.”

The majority of the vehicles in the fatal truck accident sustained damage and injured persons were transported to a nearby hospital.

An accident involving 35 vehicles is a major incident which requires a very thorough investigation. It almost seems as if the driver never applied the brakes. It could have been an issue with truck maintenance or possibly a distracted driver.

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  1. You raise interesting points about how long it took for the truck to come to a stop and how many vehicles it ran through. Truck drivers and trucking companies have an obligation to motorists to adhere to all traffic laws and federal and state safety guidelines. The risks of serious injuries and fatalities associated with truck accidents are higher than crashes involving smaller vehicles, and any negligent parties must be held accountable in this tragic accident.

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