NJ Woman Sues Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for Injuries

Photo of a disabled childThe glitz and glamour of television, the chance to watch contestants win oodles of cash, the competition, the laughs, the…painful injury?

A New Jersey woman filed a lawsuit in January against ABC Television and Valleycrest Productions due to serious injuries she sustained on the set of the hit game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” The lawsuit recently reached federal court.

How did the woman suffer injury? According to the lawsuit, she tripped over an uneven portion of a ramp and fell to the floor while walking to her seat. She has requested $15,000 in damages due to serious injuries, including a tear in her right rotator cuff, severe damage to her left knee and the mental and physical pain and suffering associated with her injury.

The ramp covered television cables in an area that the lawsuit claims was inadequately lit. The lawsuit accuses the show of failing to warn studio audience members of unsafe conditions in the studio. The studio is also accused of failure to properly construct the ramps covering the cables or install railings to alleviate fall risks.

Premises Liability on Game Show Sets

Premises liability is a legal doctrine that states that property owners are liable for injuries to visitors on the property. There are four elements to prove that a property owner is liable for injuries under premises liability doctrine:

  1. The owner had a duty of care to visitors. This means that the owner has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the property.
  2. The property owner breached that duty. This happens when the owner fails to act in a reasonable manner toward another party (in this case, the visitor).
  3. The breach of duty directly causes an injury.
  4. The injured party is able to prove monetary losses from the injury.

Premises liability injuries can take many forms, from slips and falls to swimming pool injuries to dog bites. The injuries that people can suffer can range from minor cuts and scrapes to serious injuries like traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. In the worst instances of premises liability injury, victims die. The best recourse for injury victims to seek damages is to discuss their case with a premises liability attorney.

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