Ohio Truck Driver Cited For Excessive Weight

A commercial truck driver was cited following a truck accident in Ohio on May 17, according to Lehigh Valley Live. Driver Lyle Fillmore, 60, lost control of his truck turning onto a bridge over a railroad crossing, hit a guardrail and broke an axel on his truck. No other vehicles were involved in the accident; Fillmore was uninjured.

What is worth noting about this otherwise routine fender-bender is that investigators determined that Fillmore’s truck exceeded the weight limit. The bridge has a posted weight limit of 10 tons. Fillmore’s truck weighed in at 76,720 pounds—approximately 38 tons. Fillmore was cited for ignoring the sign and fined $15,557.

Last week, we discussed proposed legislation from New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg to set weight limits on state highways that are similar to Interstate Highway weight limits. Not only would a national weight limit cause fewer truck accidents, it would make the unavoidable truck accidents less serious and protect all motorists and pedestrians.

“The truck weight limit provision in the bill simply gives states the ability to open all, or portions of, their interstate networks to more productive, single-trailer trucks equipped with six axles rather than the typical five,” says John Runyan, executive director of the Coalition for Transportation Productivity. “Without changing truck size, the required sixth axle maintains all braking and handling characteristics at the new weight limit of 97,000 pounds.”

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Tip of the week: According to the Truck Safety Coalition, truck accident fatalities increased by 9 percent in 2012.

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