Pizza Truck Nearly Destroys House

A commercial truck carrying Red Barron pizzas crashed into a lawn in Arkansas, knocking over a tree and nearly demolishing a house in the process. The truck reportedly crashed into a Pontiac that failed to yield at a stop sign, according to Sgt. Tom Royal. The semi truck hit the car, then a utility pole before ultimately coming to rest in the yard.

“I heard a boom and a crash, a lot of noise and at first I was worried someone had hit my house,” said Stewart Johnson, the resident of the home where the truck came to rest. Johnson claimed the truck came very close to his house. He had to leave the scene twenty minutes after the truck accident to go to class at Ozarks Technical Community College. The driver of the truck and the car both suffered minor injuries.

John River, a resident on Portland Street where the accident occurred, claims that motorists frequently run the stop sign.

“I’m surprised this doesn’t happen daily,” Rivera said. Johnson agreed, saying he had seen multiple accidents in the months he has lived at the house.

“If I get some free pizza out of this, it would be the best way to lose a tree,” joked Johnson. Sounds about right for a college student.

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