Police Set Up Checkpoint to Find Witnesses to Union Motorcycle Accident

New Jersey police have set up a checkpoint to search for accident witnesses to a Union motorcycle accident that occurred September 15 when a driver hit and killed motorcyclist Carlos Ospina and fled the scene. Ospina was thrown from his motorcycle after the car pulled out into traffic and slammed into his bike.

The aftermath of the accident was caught on surveillance video, and shows the driver of the car hitting the motorcycle, causing sparks to fly on the road. On tape, Ospina is thrown from the motorcycle, and the driver of the car exits the vehicle, walks over to Ospina’s body, leans over it and looks around, then gets back into the vehicle and flees the scene, according to Union Township police.

A week later, Union police have set up a checkpoint to search for witnesses to the accident, including one driver in particular that visited a gas station nearby at the time of the accident. An investigation is still ongoing.

In 2012, almost 550 fatal vehicle crashes occurred in New Jersey, 54 of them occurring in Middlesex County. Between 2003 and 2007, 377 motorcyclists died on New Jersey roads. Nationally, motorcycle fatalities are increasing every year as the popularity of the vehicle rise. According to New Jersey’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety, about 2,500 motorcycles are involved in collisions every year in the state, and more than two-third of motorcycle accidents occur when vehicle drivers fail to see the motorcyclist.

Without the protection of a motor vehicle, motorcyclists are exposed to a much greater risk of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries that can lead to long-lasting neurological problems, or even death.

The injury attorneys at the Spevack Law Firm understand that catastrophic injuries can occur when motor vehicles negligently hit motorcyclists on New Jersey roads. Since 1928, we have been fighting for Middlesex County accident victims, and our attorneys are dedicated to aggressively pursuing victim rights. If you have been injured in a New Jersey motorcycle accident, contact our Middlesex County trial lawyers today.

Spevack’s Did You Know: More than half of all motorcycle accidents occur at intersections.

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