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What Caused the Deadly Fire Ball Ride Accident?

On July 26, the Fire Ball, a swinging, spinning ride at the Ohio State Fair malfunctioned. One of the spinning cars detached after hitting a piece of the ride. One teen died and several people were injured in the incident. Until recently, the cause of the accident was unconfirmed, but officials now know why the accident happened. After an investigation of the incident, which included a visit to the scene, a review of video evidence and a metallurgical inspection of the ride, it was determined that corrosion on the interior of the support beam was the cause. The corrosion reduced the beam’s thickness, leading to the deadly accident. The incident led to the shutdown of several similar rides across the country, including one at the Monmouth County Fair. Amusement Ride Accidents According to the International Association of Amusement Parks’ Ride Incident Survey Report, hundreds of millions of people go on…
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