Tanker Spill Off I-95 May Have Contaminated Water Supply

A truck accident off I-95 in Augusta, Maine has put an entire community at risk, according to multiple sources.  The tanker truck turned over south early in morning on October 7, and it was transporting 3,800 gallons of Nopcote, a liquid chemical used to make paper.  Officials identified the driver as 39-year-old Rudy Baldeo of New Jersey.  Authorities believe he may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Approximately 400 gallons of the chemical leaked into nearby Bond Brook before authorities were able to contain the spill, according to Samantha DePoy-Warren of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

“Dams were set up by DEP responders to prevent the product from reaching Bond Brook, but apparently an unknown portion of product went from the ditch into the stream and created a skim milk white plume,” said DePoy-Warrren.

Officials do not believe that the community’s water supply is at risk, but shut down some of the wells as a precaution.

“Everything I’ve seen so far, there’s no reason to believe there’s anything in that spill that would cause short or long-term health effects,” says Brian Tarbuck of the Greater Augusta Utility District.  “We just turned the wells off out of an abundance of caution.”

Do you think the trucking company should have to reimburse the taxpayers’ dollars that were spent on cleanup if the driver or company is found to be at fault in this accident?

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