Truck Driver Ignores Height Limit and Hits Historic Bridge

Given that most tractor-trailer accidents are the result of driver error, it is important for distribution companies to think long and hard about who they hire to go behind the wheel of an unwieldy tractor-trailer. If something does go wrong and a tractor-trailer loses control or collides with another vehicle, the consequences are often tragic due the immense size and momentum of a tractor-trailer. Tractor-trailers can weigh up to 26 times more than a standard sedan, so anything they collide with has little chance of walking away intact.

Photo of a truck accident

Photo of a truck accident

Sadly, a 37-year-old New Jersey truck driver recently wrought havoc on a treasured historical landmark on Tuesday, April 29. The driver was carrying a load of pots and plants down Rapps Dam Road, en route from Route 113 to Route 23. In order to reach the latter, the truck had to pass through the historic Rapps Dam Covered Bridge.

In 1866, Benjamin F. Hartman constructed the bridge, which is now in the National Register of Historic Places. The driver ignored the bridge height restriction and proceeded through, destroying the historic structure’s support beams in the process.

The trucker had only been licensed for 30 days and he had only been driving the truck for four. “He said he panicked. When he realized he had struck the bridge he panicked and accelerated the truck and got all the way over to the other side,” said a policeman at the scene.

While it is tragic to witness the destruction of a historical landmark, this story highlights the dangers of failing to follow height restrictions. Truck drivers need to be aware of the height of their vehicles and cargo. If the truck had struck the top of a pedestrian bridge, the results could have been terrifying.

It is the obligation of the company in charge of the shipping to ensure that only competent drivers are employed. Said company is responsible for interviewing and running background checks on new drivers so that only those capable of handling such a potentially destructive vehicle are behind the wheel.

After an accident involving an inexperienced truck driver, there are a number of legal options available to the victim. Both the truck driver and the company employing them can be found liable for the accident, depending on the circumstances. Working alongside an experienced truck accident lawyer can help pinpoint exactly who is liable for what parts of the accident.

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[Did You Know: 3,600 people ride over the Rapps Dam Covered Bridge daily.]

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