Why Are Pedestrian Accidents On the Rise In New Jersey?

Court of LawPedestrian accidents are increasing throughout New Jersey, and police across the state are looking for ways to reduce the high numbers of deaths and catastrophic injuries.

According to New Jersey State Police, there were 169 fatal pedestrian accidents last year. Since the start of 2015, there have been more than 40 fatal pedestrian accidents. New Jersey State Police have investigated causation factors but have yet to find a concrete answer. Police are expected to continue cracking down on distracted and drunk driving in hopes that they can identify a pattern in pedestrian accidents and find a way to reduce them.

Traffic experts have blamed a high population density, an aging population, poor sidewalk infrastructure and more people walking than driving.

It is possible that distracted driving has caused a swell in pedestrian accidents. According to a study using statistics from the U.S. Fatality Analysis Reporting System, distracted driving has accounted for a 50 percent rise in fatal pedestrian accidents nationwide. In New Jersey, distracted driving caused 542 deaths in 2013, and was the number one cause of traffic accidents.

Another factor could be infrastructure that is unfriendly to pedestrians. According to an analyst for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, the most dangerous roads have multiple lanes, a speed limit of at least 40 mph and little access for cyclists or pedestrians. The analyst claims that 70 percent of New Jersey roads fit this description.

Whatever the cause may be, local stories of pedestrians being injured and killed show the seriousness of the problem. Several weeks ago in Woodbury Heights, a pick-up truck hit three children and a teenager who were playing in their neighborhood. Three of the children had to be taken to the hospital. Another pedestrian accident occurred in Middlesex County three weeks ago, when a Cadillac hit a mother and her daughter, putting the mother in critical condition.

Should Survivors of Pedestrian Accidents Contact an Attorney?

While fatal accidents are always sad and the tragic loss will affect families, stories involving young men and women who are now permanently injured for life are equally distressing. Being hit by a car can cause spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, which can lead to millions of dollars in medical bills and permanent disability.

Fortunately, victims and family members who have lost loved ones to pedestrian accidents might have options for compensation. Contacting an attorney can help pedestrian accident victims put their lives back together after a catastrophic injury.

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