Woman Dies In Truck Accident in Robbinsville

Police arrested a 49-year-old truck driver after their investigation determined that he was criminally liable for rear-ending a Freehold woman back in March.

On March 31, the truck driver rear-ended the 50-year-old victim as she sat at a red light on Route 9 in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Emergency crews promptly arrived at the scene;

Personal injury claim form

Personal injury claim form

however, the woman died of her injuries soon after. According to the Middlesex County prosecutor’s office, the perpetrator was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash, which contributed to his liability for her death.

The truck driver was arrested at his home in Robbinsville and is currently being held on a $300,000 bond. Currently, the police charged him with aggravated manslaughter and death by auto. Currently, the prosecution is unsure whether or not the 49-year-old has legal representation.

The issues surrounding liability in trucking accidents can be tricky to navigate. Even in a seemingly obvious traffic case, there can be several factors contributing to a crash, including equipment failure, improper cargo loading, and driver negligence.

I Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

The most common cause of trucking accidents is driver error, either before or during the drive. Statistically, it is ten times more likely that driver error caused the accident than any other factors. The driver can be influenced by fatigue, distractions, legal and illegal drug use, and lack of familiarity with the area they are traveling.

In this case, the driver’s drug use contributed to his liability in the crash. Commercial truck drivers are not permitted to take any drugs, even over-the-counter ones, unless they are prescribed by a physician who knows about the demands the trucker faces at his job.

If you are involved in a trucking accident, there are many ways you can protect yourself and hold the driver or the trucking company responsible.

First, make sure to contact the appropriate government agencies.  After any accident involving a commercial truck or tractor-trailer, a certified truck inspector has to perform a full diagnostic on the truck before it even leaves the scene. This report includes a lot of crucial information, including any equipment failures or adverse road conditions, but is not included in the police report.

It is wise to garner the legal support of an experienced truck accident attorney before attempting to take legal action against a trucking company. The legal proceedings are complicated and trucking companies are notorious for trying to shift liability onto other parties, such as the truck leasing company.

The attorneys of the Spevack Law Firm have been defending injured New Jersey citizens since 1928, so you can be sure that we have the resources and expertise to bring justice to those responsible for your injuries.

[Did You Know: According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 67 percent of truck driving fatalities involved drugs.]

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Source: https://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/crime/jersey-mayhem/2014/04/17/tractor-trailer-driver-charged-with-aggravated-manslaughter-in-old-bridge-accident-last-month-/7842503/

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