What Caused This Parcel Service Truck to Crash Into a Building?

Truck accident victims deserve justiceLast month, a dump truck slammed into a parked UPS truck, causing both of the trucks to drive up the lawn of a funeral home and into the building. The UPS truck driver was in the vehicle at the time and sustained a painful leg injury. The dump truck driver, on the other hand, fled the scene of the accident. When he was apprehended a few blocks down, police found him to be in possession of several controlled substances, including Suboxone, Seroquel and Valium.

The dump truck driver was arrested and ultimately charged with possession of illegal substances, assault by auto, reckless driving and driving without a license to operate a commercial vehicle.

Unlicensed Commercial Truck Drivers Put Drivers at Risk for Serious Accidents

Driver’s licenses are important because they show that a driver has a basic level of understanding of how to operate a vehicle safely and competently. However, commercial truck drivers are held to a higher standard because when an unlicensed commercial truck driver gets behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound vehicle, the results can be catastrophic.

A truck driver who is not licensed has not passed proper skills tests or undergone a state background check to assess driving record infractions, such as driving under the influence or speeding. This lack of proper training and licensing directly puts other drivers at risk of being involved in a serious truck accident.

Unfortunately, some trucking companies are willing to hire anyone who walks through their door. Some companies may not care about who transports their products, only that their products are delivered quickly. If a trucking company hires an unlicensed or unqualified commercial truck driver who causes an injury, it is possible the company may be liable for damages.

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