Foam Plant Explosion Leads to Toxic Chemical Scare

spevck-wpmain-000004187763-workcomp-300x199An explosion in Moonachie, New Jersey injured four workers and rattled the windows of nearby neighborhoods. Public health officials arrived quickly to investigate, due to concerns about a toxic chemical that may have been released during the blast.

The Crest Foam Industries plant on Carol Place manufactures a variety of foam products, including microphone covers and air filters. Unfortunately, the facility also uses toluene diisocyanate, a hazardous chemical that is categorized as a likely carcinogen.

Short-term exposure to toluene diisocyanate can cause choking, chest pain, vomiting and irritation to the eyes, nose and respiratory system. If the explosion was big enough, people in surrounding neighborhoods could suffer health issues as well.

Residents were forced to close their windows and stay indoors for about 90 minutes after the blast, as federal officials tried to determine if the chemical had been released into the air. Luckily, the chemical was not being used in the oven that malfunctioned.

Four Crest Foam employees had to be hospitalized for “concussion-like injuries.” Federal regulators are still trying to determine what caused the explosion, but the plant has a long history of accidents and mishaps with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA has cited the company numerous times over the last 10 years, for serious violations ranging from air contaminants to improper labeling of hazardous materials.

In 2001, 75 workers had to be evacuated after a chemical reaction at the plant. Nine were taken to area hospitals complaining of eye and throat irritation.

Did Chemical Exposure Cause My Illness?

Facilities that handle hazardous chemicals have to exercise extreme caution, because even short-term exposure can have long-term consequences for workers. Employees should be trained to spot safety hazards, but it is management’s responsibility to address them.

Your boss’s cost-cutting measures may be putting your health at risk. If you have questions about your workplace injury, the attorneys at Spevack Law Firm can help you learn more about your rights. Follow our firm on Facebook or Twitter. For questions about a specific claim, schedule a free consultation today.

[Did You Know: Crest Foam Industries is one of 90 New Jersey facilities that pose the highest health and safety hazards.]

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